Culinary Solutions, LLC does not add any gratuity to your final bill for weekday orders before 6pm. If you prefer, at your discretion, a gratuity can be added to your bill or compensation for services may be paid directly at the end of the event. For events after 6pm and on weekends, Culinary Solutions, LLC will add a taxable 8% service charge and applicable sales tax to all catering orders, which include the use of all miscellaneous equipment / trays, kitchen essentials and the coordination of all outside vendors. North Carolina sales tax will be added to the total cost of the event.

Delivery & Weekend Minimums and Charges

There is a $25.00 delivery charge.

Saturday and Sunday orders will incur a $50.00 delivery charge.

Weekend minimum order is $1200.00


To reserve the date, a 50% deposit of the total bill, including food, rental and labor charges will be required. The deposit will be applied to the total charges and the balance will be due prior to or on the day of the event.


A final invoice detailing all actual charges will be provided to you prior to the event. Payment is due on the date of the event. Unpaid invoices will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per day. A 4% fee is applied for charges not paid by company or personal check.

Cancellations/ Changes

Events are booked many months in advance and cancellation of an event will often make booking another event impossible resulting in substantial loss. If the event is cancelled, the client sacrifices 30% of the deposit as an administrative charge. If the event is cancelled within less than ten (10) days, the client sacrifices the entire deposit and is responsible for all incurred expenses. If the event is cancelled within less than five (5) days, the client sacrifices the deposit and the client shall be responsible for the payment of the balance as liquidated damages.


All rentals, floral's, coordinated and specialty items are available by request only and are subject to a taxable rental fee.